Energy Efficient Foil System

To manufacture a Boat or Yacht having Low Power Consumption …

EEFS is the well-known  Hydrofoil Technology combined with  our patented features of foils that are retractable or submersible and according sea state achieving a 25 – 55% reduction in energy consumption with V bottom hulls.

EEFS @ Fully submerged mode
Observable Foil  lift monitors and angle of attack actuators ,  lets you run the boat or yacht with minimum desired appropriate draft and drag according to speed and relative to wave height.
As the craft gains speed, the hydrofoils lift the boat’s hull out of the water, decreasing drag and allowing greater speeds with  fuel efficiency. No slamming take place in moderate waves. Provides a smooth, silent, comfortable ride.

EEFS @ Retraction mode
Rear Foils converts  to  trim-tap configuration and Front Foil becomes a part of the hull for conventional cruising, docking, low speed trolling etc.

EEFS with our patented optional pitch adjustable propeller or propellers for inboard engines can perform in a far better way.

With the help of  EEFS ;  future Boat and Yacht manufacturers with their V bottom hulls configuration will be able to transform  their vessels from fuel consuming power to Electric Power at ease. Reduced power consumption enables electric propulsion with a good range of operation.

 All you have to do enjoying your cruise.


EEFS at Front  consist of a retractable  single foil system. Retract for conventional cruise , Submerged for foil in action.

For observable trim angle and an efficient power usage, system choose optimum angle of attack by remote control relative to cruise speed.


Stern side of the EEFS works extensively disparate than mechanism of front foil. There are two modes that exist. Mode one is at debased position. In this mode, foils present as a high performance adjustable hydrofoils. Second mode rises foils to the housing below hull bottom and works as conventional trim tabs. Each two modes support vessel’s stability transiently.


For inboard Engine configuration ,  our patented Pitch Adjustable propellers are optional for  EEFS  in marine propulsion and blades in action for best results. Requirements of conventional and foil flight configurations are completely different, when compared by hull resistance and propeller trust forces. Adjustable pitch propellers are capable to produce spectacular trust with maximum efficiency, negligible cavitation, no vibration and noise, during conventional or flight conditions.

The test data and specifications of prototype runabout boat can be seen in the graph below. On the graph, the curve at the top shows standart hull power consumption at 20000kg. The following are respectively 15000kg, 10000kg, 5000kg and totally flight position with hydrofoiled configuration according to speeds.


Length (hull)13.66 m
Length overall14 m
Beam (hull)4.4 m
Draft0.87 m
Weight20000 kg